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How to Quit Smoking Ayurvedic Ways.

How to Quit Smoking: Ayurvedic Ways

It is almost universally known that smoking is harmful to one’s health. Every year, thousands of people die from smoking-related diseases all over the world. Regular smoking increases the risk of mouth, throat, and pancreatic cancer.

Considering the harmful effects of smoking, many people want to quit on the advice of their doctor. However, due to the addictive nature of tobacco, many find themselves relapsing. For those who struggle to quit smoking, Ayurvedic methods may offer a natural and effective solution.

Ayurvedic Methods to Quit Smoking

1. Chew Lemon with Joan (Ajwain)

Mix lemon with Joan (ajwain) and chew it whenever you want to smoke. This natural remedy can help reduce cravings and keep your mouth occupied.

2. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugary Foods

Preparing to quit smoking involves making several lifestyle changes. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sugary foods can help reduce triggers that might make you want to smoke.

3. Eat More Fruits

Incorporate more fruits into your diet, especially apples, carrots, bananas, and cucumbers. These fruits provide essential nutrients, help keep your mouth busy, and reduce cravings.

4. Increase Intake of Milk, Ghee, and Vegetables

Boost your intake of milk, ghee, and vegetables. These foods help nourish your body and can counteract some of the damage caused by smoking.

5. Avoid Processed Foods and Spicy Foods

Stop eating processed foods and reduce your intake of spicy foods. These types of foods can trigger cravings and make it harder to quit smoking.

6. Stay Away from Smoking Friends Temporarily

Social influences can make quitting smoking challenging. You may want to avoid friends who smoke for a while to prevent temptation and support your quit journey.

7. Keep Your Mind Busy

Whenever you like smoking a cigarette, engage in an activity you enjoy. Keeping your mind busy can help alleviate cravings and reduce the urge to smoke.


Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but when you are determined and use the right approach, it is achievable. Ayurvedic methods offer natural ways to reduce cravings and support your journey to a smoke-free life. The more steps you take towards quitting, the closer you get to excellent health and well-being.

If you or someone you know is struggling to quit smoking, consider trying these Ayurvedic methods. They may provide the help and support needed to overcome this challenging addiction.

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