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Discover the Ayurvedic Wonders of Palash Flower

Discover the Ayurvedic Wonders of Palash Flower: From Diabetes to Skin Health

In Ayurveda, the palash (Tesu) has many health benefits. This versatile plant, from its flowers to seeds and roots, has been utilized in traditional medicine to address various health concerns. Let’s explore the incredible benefits of the palash flower and how it enhances your well-being.

1. Palash Flower for Diabetes Management

One of the remarkable properties of the Palash flower is its antihyperglycemic effect, which is beneficial in managing diabetes. Research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that administering 200 mg of Palash to rats over two weeks helped control their blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This suggests that the Palash flower can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and improving good cholesterol.

2. Effective Remedy for Skin Diseases

The astringent properties present in Palash make it an excellent remedy for various skin conditions. According to Ayurvedic practices, applying Palash seed paste on the skin can relieve eczema, itching, and dryness. This natural treatment can soothe the skin and alleviate discomfort caused by these conditions, promoting healthier skin.

3. Combat Stomach Infections with Palash

Palash seeds possess anthelmintic properties, effectively destroying stomach worms and combating infections. Regularly consuming Palash seed powder mixed with honey on an empty stomach can help eradicate stomach infections. This simple yet powerful remedy can maintain digestive health and prevent stomach-related issues.

4. High Blood Pressure Management

Palash leaves contain bitter properties that help reduce Kapha and Pitta doshas in the body, essential in Ayurveda for maintaining balance. These properties enhance metabolism and aid in controlling high blood pressure levels. Incorporating Palash into your routine can help support cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure.

How to Use Palash Flower

  • For Diabetes: Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine your condition’s appropriate dosage and form (e.g., powder, extract).
  • For Skin Diseases: Create a paste using Palash seed powder and water, and apply it to the affected areas. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.
  • For Stomach Infections: Mix one teaspoon of Palash seed powder with honey and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • For High Blood Pressure: Incorporate Palash leaves into your diet under the guidance of your healthcare provider.


The Palash flower is a powerful herb in Ayurveda, offering numerous health benefits ranging from diabetes management to skincare and blood pressure control. By incorporating this versatile plant into your health regimen, you can harness its natural properties to support your overall well-being. Whenever starting a new treatment, consult with a healthcare provider or Ayurvedic practitioner to ensure it’s appropriate for your health needs.

Embrace the natural healing power of the Palash flower and experience its transformative benefits for a healthier life.

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