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Ayurvedic Rules to Drink Water

Ayurvedic Rules to Drink Water: A Guide to Better Health

Water is an essential element for life, and according to Ayurvedic wisdom, how you drink water is just as important as the quantity you consume. Following these simple Ayurvedic guidelines can significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

1. Always Drink Water Sitting Down

Health Benefits of Drinking Ayurvedic Water

One of the fundamental Ayurvedic rules is to drink water while sitting down. Drinking water while standing can negatively affect your bones and joints, potentially leading to various health issues. Sitting down allows your body to absorb and utilize the water better, promoting better hydration and overall health.

2. Drink Water Slowly

Gulping down water in one go is not recommended. Instead, drink water slowly and in small sips. This method aids in better digestion and ensures that your body can effectively absorb the water. Drinking slowly also helps prevent bloating and other digestive discomforts.

3. Avoid Cold Water

While it may be tempting to drink cold water, especially during the hot summer, Ayurveda advises against it. Water that is too cold can cause digestive problems and constipation. It is best to drink water at room temperature. During winter, opt for warm water to aid digestion and help regulate cholesterol levels.

4. Drink Water After Waking Up

Ayurvedic experts recommend starting your day with a glass of water called ‘ushapana’. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps flush out toxins from your body and kickstarts your metabolism. For optimal benefits, choose warm water over cold.

5. Identify Dehydration

It’s crucial to be aware of the signs of dehydration. Symptoms like a dry throat and darker urine indicate that your body needs more water. According to Ayurvedic principles, ensuring you stay adequately hydrated is essential for maintaining good health.

6. Drink Copper Water

Another Ayurvedic practice is drinking water stored in a copper vessel. This type of water, copper water, enhances digestive power and balances the body’s doshas (pitta, kapha, vata). Copper water also boosts immunity and may help protect against serious illnesses like cancer.


Incorporating these Ayurvedic rules into your daily routine can improve your physical and mental health. Paying attention to how and when you drink water can ensure your body stays hydrated and functions optimally. Embrace these ancient practices for a healthier, more balanced life.

Remember, these guidelines are based on traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and should complement, not replace, advice from your healthcare provider. Stay hydrated and stay healthy!

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